Who we are

Based on the principle that bored brains don’t work, exScites was set up by Neil Atkin an Advanced Skills Teacher in science and ICT with huge experience of teaching young people. Described by OFSTED as ‘Inspirational’ for his radical methods, he left teaching two years ago to concentrate on inspiring others and transforming learning. His courses for teachers have exceptional feedback and those sessions for students with the “science of …” series are unforgettable. Fusing exciting activities and high technology students understand concepts by seeing, feeling, hearing them in ways that they can make sense of. Finding the engaging activity and adding the science is so much more effective than struggling to make the curriculum engaging.

exScites is an innovative company focussed on putting the excitement back into science and true learning. Too many students don’t see the point of science and it is criminal that this beautiful subject has been diminished into a what gets tested gets taught, with no real attempt at understanding. If you can do the exams that’s enough!

Neil Atkin who has 20 years of teaching experience, the last 9 as an Advanced Skills Teacher in challenging schools and rated by OFSTED as ‘Inspirational’ , started exScites to transform learning and understanding. He discovered that the way to succeed was not to try to make the curriculum engaging, but to shift the paradigm and to find the engaging activities then add the curriculum. So rates of reaction can be taught using powerkites, momentum with rockets and the science of survival skills and surfing can hit a huge number of concepts! Having only left teaching recently due to a hearing loss, Neil’s experience is very current. He still regularly teaches and doesn’t deliver anything unless he knows it works.

Neil’s CV includes the following, either current or within the last two years

  • The Institute of Physics – Teaching and Learning Coach
  • Science Learning Centre – Triple Science Consultant
  • ASE – train the trainers
  • LSN – Coach the coaches
  • Vital – Online tutor
  • Hodder Murray – Author and digital learning advisor
  • Phillip Allan – Author
  • Dragonfly Training – Trainer
  • Lighthouse Education – Trainer
  • Fresh Science – Online facilitator


An overview can be seen below

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Publishing: Neil is a highly rated and successful author:

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Demonstration lessons

It is very easy to be the ‘Sage on the stage’ buy a few books do a bit of internet research and away you go!
ExScites do it differently, we are happy to teach demonstration lessons. There is no better way of understanding how to apply strategies than seeing them in action.
I often find on delivering behaviour management sessions to the whole school that the ones who didn’t really need it leave happy as they have sharpened some of their tools, most have some more tools to use but the ones who really need it often just don’t get how to apply it. Rather like delivering a session on how to improve your French, but delivering it in French!
Lessons can be watched by as many staff who are free and this provides a basis for debate.
CPD delivered in school is much more cost effective and schools are encouraged to sell places to other schools to offset the cost and share profits with the trainer. More effective training and more efficient financially as more money is recycled within schools rather than being lost

Some DVDs trailers below

Physics Experiments

Chemistry experiments















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What we do

Transforming science education

For schools we offer departmental training on site, workshops off site, student intense revision and activities.

For teachers we provide CPD, resources and support to become the teacher you wanted to be.

For Activity Centres we can create bespoke programs and materials to deliver the curriculum through your activities -Increase the number of visitors, increase the education value and increase the fun

So what makes it different?
Every program is the fusion of higher order thinking skills, engaging and exciting activities and high tech with mobile learning at the core. Challenge and independent learning are the starting point. We go as far away as possible from the traditional and frankly boring bottom up approach, of assuming they know nothing and trudging through a book based curriculum. The responses to the challenges inform what needs to be taught and hence AfL is used appropriately, not as a bolt on hoop jumping activity.
For more details click on the links below
Science of surfing – Prices from ?25 per student for a 3 hour session on the beach
Science of climbing – Prices from ?15 per student
Activity days for students on or off site
In School CPD/support
Mentoring/coaching teachers
Click?HERE?for the science of surfing trailer
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