What are we educating our students for? – Go back in time to 2006

How did the world look different at the start of 2006?

Facebook only became open to the public in September of 2006 with Bebo in 2005 becoming popular with young people. Myspace was two years old and was the first major platform to allow bands and artists to become popular in their own right with bands like the Arctic Monkeys becoming popular through it rather than being launched and supported by a record label. The world was becoming less regulated by the publishers, TV stations and it became power to the people.

Twitter was fonded in late 2006 and has since then ?has 175 million users

Youtube was less than a year old and was gaining in popularity to it’s current 100 million videos viewed per day

The iPhone wasn’t in existence, nor was android in a useful format which launched in 2007,

That was 5 years ago, suppose that we are educating our young people for a 40 year working life. What will the world look like then? What skills will they need?

Evolution is not about the survival f the fittest, strongest, biggest it is that those best adapted to survive will thrive and those poorly adapted will not.

Creativity, the ability to cooperate and communicate will probably be the only thing we can give them

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