Changing the paradigm – education vs qualifications

There is a terrific video below of Sir Ken Robinson asking why we are trying to meet the needs of the future by doing what we did in the past. Why have we stuck with this ancient and unchanged system that simply categorises children into successes ( it was if you could use deductive reasoning, now it is if you can pass exams ) or failures ( those who can’t pass exams)
It does appear that we don’t have an education system, merely a qualification system,beautifully equipping the learned for a world that no longer exists instead of focussing on the learners and preparing them for. Future where the only certainty is uncertainty.
What could the new model look like?
An extreme form would be the suggestion that school is made voluntary and schools are judged on their attendance.

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  2. That insight would have saved us a lot of efrfot early on.

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