Beating the fear of Technology

Technology in education

One of the saddest things I have seen were the numbers on courses at a well known educational training provider. Five people signed up to the cutting edge of ICT – transformational cloud based approaches for free, however there were twice as many on the using an interactive whiteboard.
The former course was about create, collaborate and communicate, releasing students from the bondage of teacher led and hence limiting lessons and promising the nirvana of independent learning , differentiation and freedom to perform your understanding in the learning style of your choice.
Interactive whiteboards are about as impressive to students as power points, they put the teacher right at the centre of the lesson and allows one or two to interact whilst the others watch. What can an interactive whiteboard do that an iPad connected to a projector can’t? Um that would be nothing! You might guess which was the course I was delivering

So why the lack of interest in the future? Using these cloud based applications such as dvolver, wallwisher, edmodo etc allows progress to be effortlessly tracked, taps into the students way of learning unlocking creativity and also has the students working harder than the teachers. Win – win ,

So why the fear? The loss of control? Students will know more about the systems than you will, but your expertise remains in the subject matter and you will know if they have understood the concepts, even if you don’t understand the tools which they used to present the information. Set your students free!

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  1. It’s much easier to udenrstand when you put it that way!

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