The TES now has something like 90,000 resources which is great apart from all I need is 100 really good ones. These sites give a really high – useful resource to time spent looking ratio

All Sciences

?UPD8 – Some really good resources

Physics – Forum from the IOP , a brilliant place to ask for advice and ideas – Does what it says, great practicals fully risk assessed – Site from the IOP with a great video section of fun practicals and things like the radioactive orchestra

TES – Some great, many not so good

Simulations from PhET

Great videos at the STEMCentre

Physics games – Not totally convinced ?but you can decide

Careers in physics?here

Biology site for practicals

Virtual eye dissection here which can be done before real one

The truly mindblowing life of a cell animation here

TES– Some great, many not so good


Chemistry great site for practicals

TES– Some great, many not so good

RSC resources

Salters – Great experiments if you see the pdfs

If you know any other great resources please contact us