What we do

For schools we offer departmental training on site, workshops off site, student intense revision and activities.

For teachers we provide CPD, resources and support to become the teacher you wanted to be.

For Activity Centres we can create bespoke programs and materials to deliver the curriculum through your activities -Increase the number of visitors, increase the education value and increase the fun

So what makes it different?
Every program is the fusion of higher order thinking skills, engaging and exciting activities and high tech with mobile learning at the core. Challenge and independent learning are the starting point. We go as far away as possible from the traditional and frankly boring bottom up approach, of assuming they know nothing and trudging through a book based curriculum. The responses to the challenges inform what needs to be taught and hence AfL is used appropriately, not as a bolt on hoop jumping activity.
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Science of surfing – Prices from ?25 per student for a 3 hour session on the beach
Science of climbing – Prices from ?15 per student
Activity days for students on or off site
In School CPD/support
Mentoring/coaching teachers
Click?HERE?for the science of surfing trailer