Science of Slacklining

How can you use slacklining in the classroom? Click on this link to bring up a pdf to be used in conjunction with a slackline if you have one, or a video. Click maverickto open the pdf

Working with the undisputed masters of slacklining Maverick.Here this is an activity that we are developing in conjunction with Levitate Arial Acrobatics here. This activity is as popular with girls as boys and having lower centres of mass they should be better at it than boys. A great fun easy simple activity and lines can be bought for the school for more sessions


If you don’t know what slack lining is then check out Maverick’s site which is brilliant. Video is here




What science can we teach? Senses, materials, tension, stability, balance, forces, dynamics







Where can we do it? At the beach, gym or if you have suitable trees on site at your school.

Buy a slackline here? and other nice kit!

Levitate are an amazing company that have a portable rig that can be set up at your school and a cotton rope or silks and students can try for themselves

The science is friction, weight, centre of mass, period of a human pendulum and more

Arial Acrobatics