Demonstration lessons

It is very easy to be the ‘Sage on the stage’ buy a few books do a bit of internet research and away you go!
ExScites do it differently, we are happy to teach demonstration lessons. There is no better way of understanding how to apply strategies than seeing them in action.
I often find on delivering behaviour management sessions to the whole school that the ones who didn’t really need it leave happy as they have sharpened some of their tools, most have some more tools to use but the ones who really need it often just don’t get how to apply it. Rather like delivering a session on how to improve your French, but delivering it in French!
Lessons can be watched by as many staff who are free and this provides a basis for debate.
CPD delivered in school is much more cost effective and schools are encouraged to sell places to other schools to offset the cost and share profits with the trainer. More effective training and more efficient financially as more money is recycled within schools rather than being lost

Some DVDs trailers below

Physics Experiments

Chemistry experiments