For Schools

Bespoke training is available depending upon your needs, we offer whole day, evening or e-learning supported from as little as £10 per member of staff. Schools are welcome to sell places on the courses to other schools in order to subsidise the training and keep money within education.

Please contact us to discuss requirements but these are a few of the courses delivered;

  • Outstanding Science – Using the new OFSTED criteria what does outstanding really look like?
  • Science for non specialists (primary and secondary) Rapid understanding of concepts and how to teach them
  • Behaviour and motivation – transforming your classroom
  • Coaching/mentoring programmes to improve the classroom practice of individuals
  • Transforming learning with ICT and mobile technology – Equipping your students for the future
  • Independent learners – How we can wean them off us and make them think for themselves
  • NQT support – Developing further skills
Nothing particularly new or radical there apart from the delivery. We are happy to teach observed demonstration lessons, plenty of people can talk the talk – we walk the walk as we are confident that our approach works.