Activity Centres

Deliver the science of …… at your centre

One of the problems that teachers face when trying to get students out of school is in trying to justify the educational benefits. It is not enough to have a program that transforms young peoples lives, courses need to directly benefit their exam results that is the tail that unfortunately wags the dog within our education system. What we do ┬áis use the activity as a vehicle to deliver the science – Eg climbing we can look at homeostasis, muscles, skeletons, levers, friction, forces , centre of mass , power, energy ….. the list goes on. So rather than try to make the subject engaging, we find the engagement and add the scence

You can increase the number of visitors to your centre by having bespoke courses linked directly to the curriculum so that activities you offer become the vehicle that concepts are delivered through.

For example the science of surfing, climbing, sailing, windsurfing, cycling, skiing ……….. pretty much anything!

We can create a bespoke course for you or you can use our current courses. The fee is variable depending on what you want , but the principle is based on a yearly licensing that depends on the number of visitors so will always be affordable.

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