Morally we must support our students to compete in a global connected world, but how do we integrate the latest ideas into the classroom without alienating teachers?

Painless integration of technology without the fear (for less than sending a teacher on a course)

This has to be implemented sensitively and carefully but the teacher retains their role of assessing and driving learning, but directs less, allowing students to perform their understanding using any learning style they choose. ┬áThe teachers do not need to keep up with the technological developments – because we cannot hope to, instead the teacher assesses learning that the students produce without limiting them. There can really no longer be an excuse to have 25 or so children all learning the same thing, at the same time and at the same pace – this must always limit some. Technology should only be used when it adds value to learning which cannot be done in other ways. Typical courses are;

  • Cutting edge of ICT for free – Exploration of the free cloud based software that is creative, collaborative and communicative

Create animations in 5 minutes


Wallwisher - Drag better definitions to the right







  • Mobile devices in the classroom – Focusses on the opportunities for learning, not the technology
  • iPad integration – Using iPad and iPod touches to transform learning
  • iPads as a tool for recording learning and creating such as using imovie – see below

Ideally this is delivered in your school which allows the impact on your students to be assessed and providing a model for your teachers to follow

What you can do with a webcam and plasticene here

Prices from less than a days training at a hotel – Get in touch here


Ipad Ideas

Create a comic

Comic life for ipad

















“The use of iPads and iPods added even more to the fantastic adventure learning ┬áday and allowed the students to compile their own multimedia learning journey” J Robertson, Richard Rose Academy

“I came not expecting to learn much and I was very wrong! these ideas are simple but superbly effective ” K Oliver, Oasis Shirley Park

Mind Mapping

I use Buzans

iMindMap Basic