Outstanding Science

Outstanding Science??(for less than sending a single teacher on a hotel based course)

Yet another OFSTED change and another set of criteria. How can you demonstrate progress with engagement and creative use of new technologies?

The elusive outstanding can be achieved and a series of lessons graded by current OFSTED Inspectors as outstanding can be demonstrated with your classes in your school. As many teachers as you like can be packed in to watch the lessons (although this can have the effect of stifling the students responses)

How can we wean the students off their ‘learned dependence’ , motivate, inspire and turn them into the independent learners that we simply guide as opposed to attempt to fill their non-active brains with information. What do higher order thinking skills really look like in the classroom?

See some of the examples below

What principles do you need to understand before you can cook an egg in a folded paper box?

How do understanding voltages and resistance enable you to light a fire?

The starting point is the challenge, their responses to the challenge inform you as to what they know and where to go with the learning. With the students engaged we can tease out of them what level of understanding they have. Using ICT and mobile technology we can easily demonstrate progress.

Progress, engagement,working harder than the teacher, learning without limits, demonstrating their learning using the full range of learning styles and using new technologies. How far is that off a standard teacher led lesson?

Can you cook an egg in a paper box?


Can you light a fire with cells and wire wool?

Some DVDs trailers below of some work I did for Creative Education

Physics Experiments

Chemistry experiments


“I got an “outstanding”! The deputy head was very impressed and particularly enjoyed the egg rockets! Thank you so much for your help it was greatly appreciated. Ali Gaskell
“Brilliant support and lesson was graded “outstanding, thanks so much” G Barratt R.Rose Academy

“I never realised how easy it could be for me to do less and them to do more!” D Parry St Aldhelm’s Academy

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